Who Is The Head Of The Agriculture Department

The head of the Agriculture Department is Dr. Jai Sharma – a preeminent leader in the field of Agricultural Sciences. He has helped to advance the science of plants, soil, animal nutrition and pest management and is a research expert in the field. He graduated from the Oxford College of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences and holds a PhD in Crop Genetics. Dr. Sharma has extensive experience in research and organizational leadership and his extensive network of contacts throughout the industry make him a valued member of this Cabinet. He is also a member of the World Wildlife Fund, working to protect endangered plants and animals and preserve natural habitat.

Leadership Background

Dr. Sharma has a long career in the field of Agriculture and he has shown exceptional leadership and organizational abilities. His career began in India, where he worked as a research scientist at the Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation. He then served as the Chief of Staff for the Indian Government’s Ministry of Agriculture. In his role as Chief of Staff, Dr. Sharma managed a staff of 200 employees in the Ministry and helped to develop and implement numerous policy initiatives. His leadership of the Ministry was instrumental in the success of various agricultural initiatives in India and abroad.

More recently, Dr. Sharma served as the Deputy Director General of the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). He was responsible for directing the Agency’s global policy on food security, agricultural production and sustainable rural development. His achievements during his tenure at the FAO included the successful implementation of a global Integrated Rural Development Strategy and launching a global food security partnership. He was also instrumental in leading international policies towards the humane treatment of livestock and the humane use of animal-sourced products.


Dr. Sharma is capable of forging meaningful partnerships with private sector organizations, national and international agencies and non-governmental organizations to promote research, innovation and advances in agricultural research. He has formed close ties with several universities and research institutes to develop and implement initiatives related to sustainable agricultural practices. He is focused on connecting with the international scientific community in order to exchange information and promote collaboration. He also works closely with students and faculty to promote interest in and understanding of agricultural research, while leading initiatives to educate and raise awareness in the industry.

Dr. Sharma is also a well-respected and sought-after speaker and presenter. He has spoken at some of the most prestigious conferences in the world on topics related to food security, sustainable development, water management and crop protection. He has also been a keynote speaker at several international summits, including the global Forum for Food and Agriculture.

Awards and Accolades

Dr. Sharma’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the International Association of Agricultural Science’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Agriculture Award and the World Livestock Organization’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animal Welfare. His expertise and leadership in the field has earned him a public platform among world-renowned leaders in the agricultural sector. Dr. Sharma has also served on several boards of directors and consultative bodies, including the Global Sustainable Agriculture Council and the World Trade Organization’s Research and Technology Commission.

Advancing the Field of Agriculture

Dr. Sharma has invested a great deal of time and energy into advancing the field of agriculture through his work. He has focused on developing and promoting technological solutions to help increase agricultural yields and improve farming efficiency. He has developed modern methods of cultivation, such as vertical and hydroponic farming, to help farmers reduce their cost of production and improve their earning capabilities. He has also highlighted the importance of water management and irrigation techniques in the sector, to conserve and better utilize resources. Dr. Sharma is committed to continuing his work in the field and looks forward to building on his success.

Research and Policy Development

Dr. Sharma has also been involved in research and policy development within the agricultural sector. He has worked with national and international agencies such as the United Nations and the World Bank to develop solutions and answer pressing issues. He has provided technical assistance in the areas of crop and livestock management, soil and water management, post-harvest operations and the improvement of rural infrastructure. He has also been instrumental in the formulation of sustainable development policies, such as the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, to promote agricultural technology, reduce greenhouse gases and conserve natural resources.

Innovative Ideas

Dr. Sharma’s creative and innovative ideas have had a significant impact on the industry. He has pioneered the development of agricultural biotechnology, which has the potential to improve efficiency, reduce production costs and increase crop yield. He has also been instrumental in the development of mobile and digital technologies to help farmers in remote areas access better information and access to markets. His contributions to the agricultural field have been recognized on numerous occasions and he continues to be a role model and leader in the sector.

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