How many people are employed by agriculture?

Although the agricultural industry has experienced a decline in recent years, it is still a major source of employment. In the United States, agriculture employs over 1.1 million people, making it one of the country’s largest employers. The agricultural industry is also a major source of employment in other countries around the world.

This is a difficult question to answer due to the many variables involved in agriculture. These variables include the size of the farm, the type of farm, the number of employees, etc.

How many people in the world are employed in agriculture?

The agricultural industry has changed dramatically over the past 200 years. In comparison to 200 years ago, when 72% of workers were employed in farming occupations, the agricultural industry now employs just 2% of the workforce. However, despite the small percentage of workers employed in the agricultural industry, it remains a vital part of the economy. California has the most food and agriculture jobs with 28 million jobs, followed by Texas at 2 million jobs, and Florida with 14 million.

Agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, employing 40% of the global population. The sector is vital to the economies of many countries, providing food, fuel, and other essential products. However, agriculture is also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change. To sustainably feed the world’s growing population, it is essential to find ways to reduce the sector’s environmental impact.

What percentage of all jobs are agriculture

The agricultural and food sectors are a vital part of the US economy, providing 105 percent of total US employment. In 2021, 211 million full- and part-time jobs were related to these industries. Agriculture and its related industries are an important source of jobs for Americans, and they play a vital role in the US economy.

The industry and services sectors are the main drivers of the economy, accounting for more than 80% of the gross value added. These sectors are also the largest employers, providing jobs for 544% of the workforce. Agriculture, which still plays a significant role in the economy, accounting for 18.29% of GVA, employs 456% of the workforce.

What are the 3 largest employers in the world?

The largest employers in the world are Walmart, Inc, China Railway, and the Ministry of Public Security. These companies employ a combined total of over 60 million people.

The report shows that the food and agriculture sector is a major driver of the US economy, accounting for nearly 18% of GDP and supporting 30% of all jobs. The sector is also a major contributor to exports, with agricultural exports totaling $139 billion in 2020.

The report highlights the importance of the food and agriculture sector to the US economy and underscores the need for continued investment in the sector. The report also highlights the importance of the sector to global food security and the need for continued investment in research and development to ensure a sustainable and secure food supply.

Is agriculture the largest industry in the world?

The importance of agriculture cannot be understated – it is responsible for the livelihood of billions of people around the world. Taking steps to increase agricultural production is therefore crucial, not just for the people directly involved in the industry, but also for the security and wellbeing of a country’s population as a whole.

There are a number of measures that can be taken to increase production levels, such as improving infrastructure and access to resources, investing in research and development, and providing financial incentives to farmers. All of these measures will help to increase yields and allow farmers to produce more food to feed their families and communities.

Agricultural production is vital for the world’s economy and food security, so it is crucial that measures are taken to increase production levels. By taking these steps, we can ensure that everyone has access to the food they need to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

This means that the agricultural, food, and related industries are a vital part of the US economy, accounting for a significant portion of the country’s GDP. America’s farmers play a particularly important role in this sector, producing a significant amount of the food that is consumed in the US.

What percentage of the world is agriculture

Agricultural land is defined as land that is used for cultivated crops or grazing of livestock.According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), agricultural land covers 13 percent of the world’s land surface and is found in all continents except Antarctica. In 2012, agricultural land was estimated to cover 4,889 million hectares, which is equivalent to 376 percent of the world’s land area.

India has the highest workforce engaged in agriculture. Nearly 54% of India’s workforce is engaged in agriculture, compared to just 2% in the United States. In India, agriculture accounts for nearly 15% of the country’s GDP, making it one of the most important sectors of the economy. India is one of the world’s leading producers of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and spices.

Who is the No 1 employer in the world?

The United States Department of Defence is the largest employer in the world, employing 286 million people in total. Both civilian employees and serving personnel are included in this group. The Department of Defence is responsible for the safety and security of the United States and its citizens, and its employees play a vital role in ensuring this. The Department of Defence is a huge organisation, and its employees are located all around the world.

Walmart is the largest private employer in the United States, with 2.3 million employees. Amazon is second with 1.6 million employees. Allied Universal is 26th on the list with 800,000 employees.

Who is the richest employer in the world

This list comprises the world’s largest companies by consolidated revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 2022 rankings. American retail corporation Walmart has been the world’s largest company by revenue since 2014.

The health industry is expected to see the biggest growth in the next few years, with hospitals, drug and cosmetic wholesalers, and health insurers all seeing significant increases in revenue. Commercial banking and new car dealers are also expected to see strong growth, while the life insurance and annuities industry is expected to see more modest growth.

What is the number 1 crop in America?

The majority of the corn grown in the United States is grown in a region known as the Corn Belt. The Corn Belt is a region that stretching from Ohio to Nebraska. The soybean is the second largest crop grown in the United States.

The global economy is constantly changing and evolving. As new industries emerge and old ones shift or decline in importance, the employment landscape changes as well. Here are some of the biggest industries by employment in 2023, according to recent projections:

-Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturing: 17,518,424
-Global Commercial Real Estate: 17,164,710
-Global Fast Food Restaurants: 13,458,146
-Global HR & Recruitment Services: 10,436,002
-Global Apparel Manufacturing: 8,321,210
-Global Hotels & Resorts: 7,890,000
-Global Coal Mining: 7,600,000
-Global Tourism: 7,200,000


There are no definitive answer to this question as the employment in agriculture sector can vary greatly from country to country. In some countries, agriculture employs a large percentage of the population while in others, it employs a very small percentage.

In conclusion, the answer to how many people are employed by agriculture is that it greatly depends on the country. Agriculture is a vital industry in many developing countries, where a large percentage of the population is employed in the sector. However, in developed countries, the agricultural sector employs a relatively small percentage of the workforce.

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